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Ignore These Internet Marketing Prophecies at Your Peril!

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Provided By Luc Basse

"You absolutely must listen to these recordings immediately if you want your business to survive in 2004.  Mark my words - those who ignore these prophecies will be toast by 2005.  Those who learn from them will be the next millionaires."
Dale Woodland, RankLocator.com

If you knew how well Microsoft would do all the way back in 1986 before their stock first went public how much money would you have made on the stock you purchased?

(Hint: a tiny investment would have made you a multi-millionaire ...)

If you knew that e-book marketing would have turned into such a goldmine years before it did, what would that have meant to you?

(Hint: e-books, at their peek, turned many virtually unknown people into millionaires.)

If you had a way of finding oil hidden in the earth's crust, how much money would you make from that?

(Hint: you don't need a hint to answer that question ;-)

Think about it ... 

One of the reasons why you've been failing time and time again at business is because you had no idea where the business world was headed.  You'd sink all of your time and effort into going in one direction (a direction in which you truly believed) and the rest of the world went 180 degrees in the other direction.

Did you ever see Back to the Future Part III?

Remember how the villain used time travel to give his younger self a glimpse of the future? What did he do with that knowledge?

Well, even a mentally deficient man like that was able to turn himself into a billionaire.

What if you could, right now, get a glimpse of the future?  How much would that be worth to you?

What if I told you that, moments from now, you'd be listening to some earth-shattering recordings cram packed full of such prediction?

You now have a magic mirror that will tell you the future - but you need to act fast.

My name is Luc Basse, and I've put together that magic mirror for you.

The challenge is, you really need to act quickly on this information.  The nature of a prediction is that it's only valuable until the prediction comes true - then it's common knowledge and not worth a dime ...

The information you're about to be exposed to has the potential to generate millions in the next year.

I put together 4 creative geniuses who will tell you the future of the Internet Marketing world.  One of these men is so accurate about predicting the future that he pioneered 3 of the most influential trends on the Internet - two of which became billion dollar industries.

In these never-before-heard recordings, incredibly shocking information will be revealed to you.

Recording #1 Mark Joyner and Mike Chen

Who is Mark Joyner?

If you don't know who Mark Joyner is, you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years.

"Mark Joyner is the Godfather of Internet Marketing."
Matt Gill, Co-Founder, NitroStats

"If someone were to ask me, 'How does one sell online?' I would say, 'Ask Mark Joyner.'  He is the best.  No question."
Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerrilla Marketing

"I have lived in monasteries in India... Associated with powerful Holy people... Studied with Native American shamans... Traveled as a missionary through Africa...

"Had great network marketing mentors... And many high-level personal coaches... In my fifty-five years here on Earth...

"In three months of association with my friend and mentor Mark Joyner... I have made more personal growth than at any other time in my life."
Craig Joseph, Founding Member of The Free Agent Path

Mark is, hands-down, the greatest Internet Marketer alive (most everyone will agree). 

Mark is responsible for some of the greatest Internet Marketing successes in history and pioneered 3 of the most influential trends on the Internet - two of which became billion dollar industries.  And these are the well-known achievements Mark is responsible for.  Many of the little techniques and tricks that are the staples of the Internet Marketing world were first created and tested by Mark - far too many to even mention here.

Here are some of Mark's other achievements:

  • Pioneered the e-book marketing industry with an e-book that was downloaded over 1,000,000 times ("Search Engine Tactics" - possibly the first e-book in existence and the first book ever written on search engine optimization - the only e-book ever to receive ZDnet's 5 Star rating - without a doubt the book that started the e-book marketing revolution)
  • Promoted his book "MindControlMarketing.com" to #1 on Amazon in under 48 hours.
  • A former U.S. Army officer and cold-war veteran of military intelligence.
  • Promoted many sites to the Top 100 (out of hundreds of millions world-wide), one of which was ranked #36 in the world (ranked by visitors) within 6 weeks of its launch.
  • Awarded for his service by the Korean Consulate General, the U.S. Army, the Republic of Korea Army, and the President of the United States.
  • And the list goes on and on ...

Mark left the Internet Marketing business recently and is now completely into the network marketing industry.  What does Mark know that we don't?

Why would the world's most successful Internet Marketer leave a business in which he's sold millions and millions and millions dollars of products and services?

Find out why inside "Internet Marketing Prophecies!"

Who is Mike Chen?

One year ago no one knew who Mike Chen was - now almost everyone does. 

Just over a year ago he worked a regular day job at the local drug store, and since then he's turned it around so quickly he could own that drug store if he wanted to.

How did this man shoot from obscurity to stardom in such a short time?

Why is Mark Joyner now partnering with Mike exclusively?

Perhaps some of these accomplishments will give us a clue:

  • Created the very first HTML encryption software, which has now become a standard on the Internet.

  • Invented the concept of the "Fly-In Ad," which, although found annoying by some, shattered previous conversion rate records and left the Internet Marketing community speechless.

  • Brought the FlyInAds.com site to a record of 4 million its in just 5 days (from scratch).

  • Went from "nothing" to Mark Joyner's exclusive partner in a matter of months.

  • And much more ...

What does Mike know that you don't?

Why did Mike follow Mark's lead and sell off his Internet Marketing businesses as well?

Listen to Internet Marketing Prophecies right now and learn why.

What is Revealed in the Mark Joyner / Mike Chen interview?

This explosive interview will explode inside your mind like an atomic bomb.  After conducting this interview my head was so on fire with ideas that I could barely contain myself.

  • Learn why just about everything you've learned about Internet Marketing will be absolutely worthless within the next few years.
  • Your business dead by 2005?  There's a 90% chance that your business is relying on these two tools to survive right now - find out why both will be absolutely dead within the next year - and find out what you must do now to survive.
  • There is one simple technological barrier right now that is holding everything back.  Once this problem is solved - the world will be completely transformed - and the one who solves it will be the richest person on the planet!  Will it be you?
  • Much more ...

Recording #2 Joe Vitale

Who is Joe Vitale?

Joe Vitale is an explosive marketing consultant. He has helped over 1000 authors and publishers write, publish and promote their books. Joe's clients include small presses to large publishing houses, such as Doubleday Books in New York. He has also helped large companies, from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children's Hospital in Houston.

Joe is Internationally known as the founder of "hypnotic marketing," a concept that completely revolutionized the way online sales are done on the Internet.

Now, it's all changing though...

Why is this man completely changing the way he does business online?

Listen to Internet Marketing Prophecies instantly and find out.

What is Revealed in the Joe Vitale interview?

Joe is famous for being able to work customers into a hypnotic buying frenzy - that's nothing compared to the information he reveals in his prophecies!

  • Learn newly discovered information about how the human brain works online and how to use this information to make millions in the next year.
  • 3 ways internet marketers in-the-know will sail smoothly through an impending Internet disaster (!) and watch calmly as their competitors are crushed by it.
  • 3 totally new and secret ways those who prosper in the next year will put their visitors in buying trances - scurrying for their wallets to give you their money!
  • Much more ...

Recording #3 Paul Reilly

Who is Paul Reilly?

Paul is one of the most brilliant men I have ever had the opportunity to speak with.

He was the U.K.'s first Internet consultant to specialize in viral marketing techniques, and he is recognized as one of the world's leading minds in viral marketing.

What has Paul done to protect himself from the several impending Internet disasters he and others predict?

Listen to Internet Marketing Prophecies right now and find out.

What is Revealed in the Paul Reilly interview?

Paul Reilly has always been two steps ahead of the trends on the Internet.  If his track record is any indication, what you're about to hear in this interview is absolutely critical information ...

  • Learn about a type of product that a new under-estimated advancement in technology will render obsolete within the next 12-18 months.  Hint: you're probably buying and selling this type of product right now.
  • What new type of product will make the next billionaires in the next 1-3 years? (Get in on this now before the next Gold rush!)
  • Beware of Internet thugs and gangs!  Yes - you heard that right - and we're not talking about hackers.  You'll be shocked by this!  They are already here and if you don't know how to protect yourself (it's simple if you have this information), they could destroy your business within months.
  • Much more ...

Everyone agrees: this information will make or break virtually every online business in existence.  Those who learn from it will prosper - those who ignore it could be washed away before they even know what hit them.

It's absolutely imperative that you listen to these audios immediately.  The future of your business could depend on it.

We are so certain that you will be shocked and delighted by these prophecies, that we are prepared to offer you an iron-clad money back guarantee.  Yes, we understand that this is a digital product and some people will purchase it with the intent to immediately ask for a refund.  We're prepared to take that risk!


Well, we feel that most people are honest at heart and it's more important that the honest people of this world have immediate access to this information.

In fact, if you don't feel that you will make a minimum of an extra $10,000 in the next 6 months with this information, you are entitled to a full refund.  In fact, if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply let us know and we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund on the spot - no questions asked!

VERY IMPORTANT: This is not one of those light-weight "might-be-helpful" information products you see sold by people with absolutely no business trying to give you advice.  These are extremely probable predictions about life-threatening and millionaire-making events you will witness on the Internet - some of them will become a reality in the next few months!  It is imperative that you do not think twice about this.  If you are at all serious about the survival of your livelihood and business the tax-deductible purchase of these audios is a necessity that no one would question.

Get immediate access to Internet Marketing Prophecies now.